Wednesday, 26 November 2014

mubashshir art gallary writing.

Did you know that last week on Friday we went to the Art Gallery ! The Art Gallery Has A lot of paintings.

When we left at 8.50 The bus was waiting. When we got to the Art Gallery  we sat down on the floor But the was a problem we came a little early so we waited until a Staff came to open the door. The first place we went was up stairs to the city Lego It is big like a building everybody Was scared they might break the Lego. It took along time to make Lego.

The second  thing we did was going to the Technology room in the technology room there was shadows of what we were doing we could also build with shapes and here the weird sounds.
We did not have much to do but it was already Morning tea time so all of the Year 5 kid’s had morning tea then we went to search for the Victorian era status we had a lot of time We even had lunch and did more activities until we had to return so we sat in the bus and we still had a good time.

Have you gone to the art gallery? it is fun go and check it out.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cricket test match

England and New Zealand have been competing against each other in Test cricket series since 1929 The first match between All blacks and England and also New Zealand's first test match was won 1–0 England had 3 matches drawn.Do you have a faviorute batter if not look at the cricket world cup.Keep looking ahead to Chapter two