Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hands up for Henna

Hello Bloggers welcome back to another reading task. This is my new reading task it is about heena Have a look and enjoy. I would love to hear your comments below.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fire dance brainstorm

Hello Bloggers This is another brainstorm. It is about Fire dance have a look and enjoy. I would love to hear your comments below.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Nesian Fuusion Brainstorm

Hello Bloggers This is another brainstorm. It is about Nesian Fuusion
have a look and enjoy. I would love to hear your comment

Friday, 24 June 2016

Waka crew

 Hi Bloggers today is another update on our art station, We had worked with Mr Jacobson on finishing of the waka. As you can see in the photo we were making the sail of the double hulled waka we had layed out and mesuared the width of the waka and door we are getting it through the breeze door into the hall. We have about 2 weeks till the waka has to be finish ready for the art exibition. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Fun three days

School holidays are on the way only three more days left and the year 8 are at camp. So we decided to have a fun week. For the first day we decided to watch a movie from boys to men, we also had pop corn during the movie. After a wild we had to recap and retell the movie.

On the next day we had done some art to well come back the year 8 from camp. It had looked amazing. 

problem solving 72

WALT: Identify & find simple equivalent fractions

Metaphore The Journey

WALT: Make inferences from information provided in a text to identify metaphors and to find deeper meaning.

Discription : Today weas a whole class work it was a activatie about Metphores and what it means. It is another way like a simile you cant use like or as.
Enjoy please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

AL 87 three Postive peer Presence

I dissagre with you , But iI still like you as a person who is a human being, and i will treat you like that because if i didin,t it will make everything bad and thats what lots of people do and it's lame.

To me It means helping others and treating teachers like we treat our parents. And the other one is to help others and teach them what manners look like.

Monday, 13 June 2016


THIS week was  a short the best. Today was the best out of all of them two NFL legends came to our school and they were Jesse Sapolu & Maa Tanuvasa the talked about there career of Polynisian NFL.

Caring Brothers

Once Upon a time there were two brothers called Jacob and MATT, Jacob was 18 and Matt is 19 .They lived in L.a. They loved playing Basketball and Swimming on hot and sunny days. They went to La High school for quite a while. Their father was a Dairy owner in his time now he moved to another country due to family issues. The Brothers also love watching NFL And playing soccer in the spare time.
One day The Brothers Matt and Jacob Went to Oklahoma city to play B Ball and Matt Said “ Why don’t we go for a game of basketball after all it is an alright day” so they went to play Basketball. As they kept playing basketball with there friends Matt suddenly collapsed and said “ needs water”. Jacob did not  know what to do. So Jacob just brings water from the dairy opposite the basketball court and gave him a whole bottle of water. He likely saved his brother from dying.
When he brang him back to life it took matt a little wild to re inforce back to life,  he drank more water before playing  and a towel to dry off his sweat then they Carried on playing B ball for the rest of  the day and that's what show a caring brother !
                                     The END ! :)

Thursday, 9 June 2016


                             Barcelona camp
Barcelona camp is going to be Exciting because you get to train with the pros like Messi, Neymar , Suarez and Many more. I am really lucky to meet these player at Barcelona camp for 2 whole weeks in the upcoming school Holidays. We are going to houston It is in a city called Texas if you want to come along you can go to the site underneath

Neymar is a very talented man. He was Born on February 5th, 1992, in São Paulo, Brazil, Neymar grabbed attention from all his spectators and for his impressive soccer abilities at an early age of 19 years old. He started off with street football and indoor futsal. He Appeared as a star for Santos FC as a young teenager, winning four straight Player of the Year awards WOW !!! . And Neymar also became one of Brazil's most popular Playing figures. In May 2013, the Brazilian announced his move to Europe to play for the best BBVA club ever Spanish FC Barcelona.

Image result for MESSIMESSI : Born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina, soccer player Lionel Messi had made a move to Spain at the age of 13. Messi became a star in his new country Argentina, scoring a bunch of goals while leading his club to championships. In 2012, he set a record for most goals in a whole calendar year, and after wards was named FIFA's "Player of the Year" a record fifth time. He really is the greatest player of all time.

Image result for suarezSuarez : Luis Suarez Star striker for the Uruguayan national team who played for Ajax and Liverpool before joining FC Barcelona in 2014. He gained a lot of press after biting Italian defender on the shoulder in Uruguay's third match of the 2014 World Cup. He was then suspended nine international games and banned from soccer activities for four months.

Friday, 3 June 2016

About our Waka

Today was the first day of as i see it groups we had done
a research presentation of portage rd. We will be doing more wool and nail art and also making our own double hulled waka. Our teacher said you have to be flexibale to move your body all over the place.

We only have 4 weeks to make an produce a good pice of art work wish  us luck :)