Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My Digital Mihi

This is my Digital mihi is about me and what I care and like doing most first two top photos is playing soccer with my family and friends and playing Fifa 16. the beach is where me and my family like to go when we are free.
and last is air new Zealand because i love planes. Enjoy !  

Friday, 19 February 2016

What good brother looks

What good brother looks like. Is when A brother is being kind to his younger brothers and respecting their culture and family, not just that but more stuff like.
  • Helping them with their work if they are really stuck.
  • Playing with them if they have no one to play with.
  • Saying sorry after u said something bad.
  • Being kind and sharing food if they have none.
  • Reminding them if they forget something.
  • And Treating them like he is part of the family.

What good brother sounds like is when he has to talk that is when he talk.
Also stuff like.

  • Saying positive words not negative words.
  • Talking when you need to.
  • saying nice things.
  • controlling your mouth against others.
  • Talking kindly to others.
  • And Have respect in talking

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Image result for BuddhismBuddhism is a religion of about 3 million people Wow ! He was not, nor did he claim to be a god. He was a man who taught a path to enlightenment from his own experience. I also have not one but few more Buddhism like the weather Buddhism wow That is a pretty interesting fact about Buddhism !

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Twin Survivors

Once Upon a time there were two twin brothers called Matt and Max They looked pretty similar, I mean they wear the same clothes. They lived in Oklahoma city they loved kayaking and canoeing on hot and sunny days. They went to Oklahoma High school Their father was a fisherman in his time now he lives in a retirement village. The twins also love watching NFL And playing soccer in the spare time.
One day The twins Matt and Max Went to Oklahoma Beach and Matt Said “ Why don’t we go for a kayak after all it is a hot day” so they went kayaking. As they Came deeper to the canoes Matt suddenly fainted into the water and a small shark bit him. Max did not  know what to do. So Max just jumped in the water and saved his brother from dying. when he brang him back up to the boat it took matt a little wild to wake up,Max Gave him some water to drink and a towel to dry off then they Carried on to the other canoes and that's what brothers do !
The End !

Friday, 12 February 2016

Room 1 intro

"For the last 1 week
, Room 1 is a pretty good class, I mean we do have a good teacher called Rob Wiseman He is 33 years old". We as classmates do get around problems when it's hard and it is our job to be role models. For the last 2 weeks we stayed in our home rooms getting used to the year 7&8 Environment. We did A lot of fun Activates. I am really looking forward to be working with different people I am also nervous for the fiafia. Can't Wait !

Maths Class

I have a maths teacher called Mr Wiseman he is 33 years old and is a cool teacher. We had started maths with ruling out lines in our maths books to make it neat and tidy and also to have more space to write equations and answer. The next day we did Maths whizz We had done a assessment and it was pretty fun
I am really looking forward to doing maths in room 1.