Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Muba John Ioane : Literary Canvas

  1. WALT: Art works convey, communicate and transmit a meaning within a context.
  2. WALT: Art works reflect iconic objects and images from past and present heritage cultures and identify the contexts in which they were or are made, viewed, and valued.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I can you can we can I gotta ya back. !!!!

THIS is a short paragraph of how you can make kindness go viral.
One way you can show kindness is help them and probally cook the a nice meal and settle it out, Another way you kand help someone is by giving them a hug to make them feel better and so they arn't so stressed. Like Regi Said from the revolution tour I can you can we can I gotta ya back.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Today we were told by our litracey teachers to reaserch about the four wakas awhat it means.At the bottom is aclass padlet that we completed in pairs. The Groups are Hokulea green , Te Aurere red , hikianalia yellow, Hine moana, blue. i will also leave a link to the padlet. :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

reveloution tour

Did you know that reveloution tour had come to entertain the year 7 and 8 and talk about there lives. Reveloution tour have been all around the world including New Zealand. Revoulutinon tour have so much interesting things but my favitrout ws Reggi Dabbs the man who gre up with lut a mum. Reggie Dabbs was amazing at playing the saxophone He could all the latest songs. reveloution tour Are Amazing go and check them out.

Friday, 13 May 2016

i illuminate

On Tuseday I Illuminate had come to our school with amazing preformances from America. They had done such amazing dances in the dark with only lights. They have been looking at our school and what we do every day. Here is a photo of some the crew members in the team. Year 7 and 8 also got to have a short interview with the people behind the mask. I will also leave a link to the show in our school hall.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion Assembly brainstorm

Hello Bloggers this is a brainstorm of the immersion assembly that happend at the beginning  of the term.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly term 2

We had A fun school holiday now it is time to get back to School. But before we get back to school we need a new topic. Incase you did not no every school has a different topic each term.On Monday was the first day of term 2. We had an Immersion Assembly in the school hall and the topic was “as i see it”. Immersion means a gathering of something new. There are 5 teams each team has Different events that represent about what they are learning.

Team one’s Item was  Favourite things
Starting with One have them:
Miss George : Whittaker's hokey pokey chocolate
Miss Wild : pets
Miss lal : Soccer
Miss peck : Bracelet
Miss Dewyers : Books
And Team 1 is learning about Favourite things.

Team two’s item was about seasons They said They will be learning all about seasons. From Summer to spring.
They are really interested on how snowflakes come and other Interesting stuff.

Moving into Team three’s item was all about Grand designs and Architecture. They will be learning how to create Different things  using Different materials. They are also learning how to use a blue print. And how to work as a team.

Team four’s item was about comics and superhero comics. They had showed us a little video about them in a comic movie with a stunning voiceover. They said that team 3 will be learning how to make comics and that we are free to make comics any time.

The last team was team 5. There item was about the battle of waka’s the team were Hine moana : Blue , Hokulea : Green , Te Aurere : Red , Hikianalia : Yellow. They had a little race for entertainment. Team 5 will be learning the battle of wakas and how wakas are made.