Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Show not tell

As I look for shore not a single land in site. I look through my Huge Binoculars to see if I could find anything interesting and I see a little island , so i tell my rower to row. A gentle breeze, calm as calm shells and still meant we could get there earlier. As sunset was arriving we were getting closer to the island, the island look like a mouse, As we got there the island was surrounded by sharks and big waves and a huge gust of wind. Max the rower said “ THERE IS NOOO WAY WE'RE GOING THERE”. James Cook said “ Why not” he knew why but did not tell. So they stayed the night. The blue sky raised with a blast of  heat and chickens “sayi cocka dul da du” YAY said james.
The blue sky raised with a blast of  heat and chickens sayin "cocka dul da du” YAY said james.

Discription of learning :

Today we had done an activaty about show not tell with Mrs Nua. It is about showing something without telling them the Awnser. I had done on above as an EG:

Friday, 26 August 2016

HIWI the kiwi

YAY Hiwi the kiwi has arrived at our school. If you did not already know Hiwi the Kiwi is a kids show and goes around New Zealand Visiting Nz schools, And it was a previllage to have them. They had taught us a lot of stuff but 2 of the most important thing i had learnt 
was to pick the right fish not to big and not to small. Also because if you ever do catch a mother fish you might hurt the babies inside and if it is to small you cant take it cause it is Illegal. The second thing I took away from the show was to always take a cold wet cloth to clean there skin without the scales coming out, also to take a bucket of salty ice water in a bucket to keep it cool and fresh. I sertanly learnt a lot and had a lot of fun with them and so would you.
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Friday, 19 August 2016

NZ Olyimpian

Lisa Carrington 
Lisa Carrington is a professional Nz Olympian that Attends in canoe sprint 200km. She was born June 23, 1989 in Tauranga. She Is currently in the Rio Olympics 2016 representing New Zealand in Canoe sprints. She had studied at Whakatane High school and Massey University. So far She has one 2 Gold Medals and 1 bronze Medal from canoeing. She is 53 kg and is 1.68 meter in her height. She has A mum and a dad who are EXTREMELY proud that she made it in the Olyimpics. She said " this could not be possible withoutmy perants". Hopefully she represent our country well !

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Why our muscles get tired

WALT: make effective notes and condense ideas to summarize Here is an activaty we had done today. It is aboy why our muscles get tired, If you did not our muscles get tired and the name for that is muscle fatuige.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The American trip.

Have you heard of America ? America is a huge content in it has over 50 states. There had been 2 young boys called Gabe and Saia. They had visited our school today and had visited America. the visited Stanford Universetiy, Google, Yelp, Microsoft, Facebook, Xero, Twitter, Apple, KhanAcadamey, Kiwi landing plan, Instagram. They had Also visited the famous prison in America Alcatrez I have never been there but would like to go there i have only been to other ones. It was Amazing to know how there trip went and what they liked the most.
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Friday, 12 August 2016

NZ Olympian : Sam Dickson

Discription of learning : Today I had done a profile of Sam Dickson. He is an amazing rugby sevens. He plays prop and is amazing of it. Enjoy !

The wind Explanation Writing.

“ Cycling towards the finish line, 5 kilometers to go who will win the championship race for cycling” says the Commentator. “AUSSIE’S are in the lead what !! Heading closer to the finish line and Australia comes first somehow, And then just by a meteor comes NZ so close”. Aussies are so happy and relieved and the Nz are in shame in front of 5,000.“ What a race that was” ! There bodys must be so weak from all the effort they put in cycling And the muscles must be so weak that they `can’t move.

Info - Paragraph one

What is Aerodynamics ? Aerodynamics is the study of how gases try to interact and make contact with moving bodies and transports. Aerodynamics play a very important role. Because without aerodynamics NO types of transports will be able to move or in other words interact with the wind, Especially racing like f1s and bike racing. Cyclists often form a v shape to shelter there self from Aerodynamics. It is good to race close to each other so air won’t distract you that much. Riding 10 centimeters away from the cyclist's bike tyre will give you enough time to respond to the crash if it happens.  

Info - Paragraph two

How we test for aerodynamics ? We test Aerodynamics by A wind tunnel that has a Huge fan inside of the tunnel. A wind tunnel that consists ( Forms a line of cars ). The air in the tunnel is made to move past an object by powerful fan system. The fan system blows wind on the object to see if it can hold. The maximum of a crosswind is 10x powerful than normal wind. The wind is tested in different places of the object and it tells the tester how the cyclist will perform. Did you know A wind tunnel can Generate 200 kilometers per hour have wind that is so much that cyclist can’t ride.


Aerodynamics is amazing of what it can do. Also How amazing and powerful wind can be. It is really important to know about Aerodynamics and wind.
Discription of learning :
Today I had Wrriten A Explanation Writing about The Wind. In my Story I wrote abiut How wind Affect Transports and your Body. Enjoy

Toku Pepeha

Thursday, 4 August 2016

WATER POLLUTION Explanation writing

           WATER POLLUTION    

OMG ! Water pollution is getting bad around the globe especially when the Olympics are coming up.  Water pollution is spreading throughout the globe and sea creatures are dying, living in a dirty environment.

What is water pollution :
Waters pollution is a type contamination ( unwanted ) of water bodies which pollutes the water and  makes the water dirty.  The dirty water is formed in different ways and some of them are littering rubbish in the river and the beach, From industrial factories which provide pollution smoke and which causes the water to get polluted. The main reason why the river is polluted is because the farmers are spreading a type a chemical which leaks into the river and ocean.  

How we can stop Water pollution  :
How we can stop water pollution is by not littering or chucking rubbish in the waterways and getting it dirty. The second way you can keep waterways clean is by not pouring any fat or any type of oil because it can harm multiple sea creatures and is not good for the environment. If you are a scientist and really want to test water pollution. Here is a fact " Water pollution is detected in laboratories, where small samples of water are analysed for different reasons. Water is really precious to us and it really precious to our body.

Pollution in Rio Olympics :
Finding dead sea creatures and dead bodies is unusual to find in polluted waterways. Animals and humans are dying once A week in Rio de Janeiro. Sewage and rubbish are floating across the ocean. The ocean is putting worry in the brazilian local people. The community and council  has only lowered the amount of the rubbish population for Rio. We need to stand up.

Conclusion :
If you want to get together and have a community meeting.
1. Organise a community meeting and clean up the ocean as a group.
2. make a treaty between everybody.
and you will be a hero of the ocean. Remember the ocean needs us, And so does what lives inside of it.
                                                 THE END
Discription of learning :
Hello bloggers today I had wrote a Explanation writing about water pollution. The first topic is about what is Water pollution, And the second topic was about how we can save water pollution. Enjoy and if you did please comment below if you agree.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My Olympic Games Narrative story

      Olympic Games

Have you heard have the Olympics? it is this year held in Rio de Janeiro it is in Brazil. Here is A little Narrative story.

“The Olympic Games are under away in Rio,” said the host. The Quarter finals Mixed with Men’s and Women's Mythical Gymnastics at the Rio Olympics 2016. “ And the Competitors are, JAMAICAN BOLT, Jamaica, Paul Stevens, Russian, Lucas Gustavo, Brazil”. “ And the Girls Lopez Loyd, American, Jennifer Brown, Australian. And Me the Host Anthony Point Jack”.

The athletes are ready, 10 min before something bad happend to some of the players. Loyd had some kind of poison in his sports drink, Lucas Gustavo had a tummy ache because he had some cockroaches in his tuna salad. All the others were spewing up except one person Paul Stevens. Paul Stevens Had done everything so he could win the gold medal. The Host did not know and the supporters were worried they might have not turned up.

After a time lapse of waiting a doctor had appeared in the stadium and had situated within the stadium. He had come down to the sideline with the other medics. The host said “ Would you guys be able to check up on the competitors?” The Medic said, “Sure why not” so they took off to the changing room. They  Had gone to the mens and womens changing and found the athletes lying on the ground holding their tummy. The medic quickly called the ambulance on 193 and while that happend the medic told the host about what had happend. The host said “ the games have been postponed till friday”, And then the host said, “ Be aware of Paul Stevens".

The athletes were in the hospital and were given medication to help the disease go away. It took them 3 days to get back in position and the games had carried on.   

Hope you can make it to the Olympics one day. Also you will make it only if you believe in yourself.  

Discription of learning:
Today I had Written a Narrative story based on the rio olyimpics which are coming up in a few days. As you know there are a lot of problems in Rio at the moment, So I tried to make it based on the problems. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 1 August 2016

The River Activaty work

WALT: identify a problem and a solution in a story.

Today I had done a template of The River 
it is done by using the T.O.P.S. The T.O.P.S stand for title, oreantation, problem, soulution.