Monday, 25 August 2014

Tuis Samoan movie

Similarities between Samoa & New Zealand - Tui from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is what my group and me have learnt about we have learnt about koko and the capital of Samoa we also learnt about what food they eat. The movie I am sharing with you will tell you information about samoa. We have also been learning about the similarity's. Samoa has cool and yum food that nobody will stop eating. Did you know that lot of people in samoa drink coco.

Samoa  is in the South Pacific Ocean Savai is a big valcano. Samoa is One of the biggest pacific countries,The food in most commen for samoan people are supasui, seafood, curry, and a lot of sweet food. In the movie we tried to use green screen shots but instead we used real life photos This movie took us about 1 and a half  weeks so we got a lot of time to film and edit.

some questions

have u been to samoa ?

Do you know 5 food that samoan people eat ?

Do you know what's the capital of samoa ?

Are you Samoan ?

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

commonwealth games event story

The lifestyle  of the event is to lift a barbell from the platform to closed  arms overhead in a smooth movement. The barbell is pulled as high as the lifter can manage with his strength. At which point the barbell is flipped overhead. With  compared to others light weights  in the"power snatch" closing arms may not require bended  the knees.

As performed in contests, the weight is always heavy enough to demand that the lifter receive the bar in a squatting position, while at the same time flipping the weight so it moves in an arc directly overhead to closed arms the quick drop. When the lifter is secure in this position, he or she rises (overhead squat), completing the lift. maybe , the lifter may use a split style to get under the bar.

The lift requires  only great strength, but expert  technical skills, a high degree of shoulder back and leg flexibility, excellent balance, and speed. However, power and strength do play an important role in different athletes in  the competition, particularly at advanced levels, where the weight  of competitors have mastered the technical skill of the lift.

One day you might be in the commonwealth games !

Fifa 14 world cup chapter 1

Did you know that there was a soccer world cup happening in june 2014 the teams that were playing are here these are some of the teams brazil against colombia   mexico and cameroon argentina and germany chile and australia uruguay and costa rica  cÔte d’ivoire and japan switzerland and ecuador. the first teams were brazil and croatia as they were starting the match the people got ready the game started brazil was in the lead with thiago silva and pasted to david luiz and he scored a fantastic goal. After a wild the croatia  team got one point so it was coming a tie. When the game finished they still had to play to see who wins it was not over they had to do extra time when they did penalty shoot out and brazil won to 3-1.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


This is area.

world war 1 remeberance

  1. World war 1 began on july 28,1914 and lasted until  November 11, 1918.  Today is special because  it is when men and woman stood up to protect our country (NZ).  More than 15 million people died and 20 million were wounded. Did you know that all of the solider's were starting fights all over the country of gillipali.       
  2. Ladies at that time were kind they will make food , sew the clothes ,give them presents and the men will give them a thanks card back. Back then  solider's use to miss there family's. 
  3. Here is a short video enjoy !


Researching World War 1

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. Where did the world war 1 start ?
  2. How many people were there ?
  3. How many people died ?
  4. What viechels did they use?
  5. When did the world war 1 start ?
  6. Where is gillipali ?  

Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
In egypt

Question 2 information:
37 million

Question 3 information:

16 million deaths and 20 million wounded

Question 4 information:
planes tanks boat

Question 5 information:

Question 6 information:
near turky