Friday, 4 March 2016

deconstructing and re crafting

As I sat on the edge of the dock, fishing for quite a while I had felt something trying to pull on my rod line, I tried to pull it up to shore but it was very hard but it kept pulling me back to the ocean. I tried to think of what to do, I looked around the wharf to see if anyone was near me but there was no one to help me out.

“As I was sitting on the wharf, watching the bright sunset settling down and the moon rising, thinking about what I could do”. Later that afternoon i had in mind have something, I saw a little fishing net lying around the pole I quickly grabbed it and dropped it into the water. I had left the fishing net for quite a while then I pulled it up to the dock like I was pulling santa claus. After All It had just been  a little cray fish, seaweed and little rocks that had been tangled on the rod line. I had thought have buying a new rod line but anyway ! I could Have another try but that was till next time.

To be continued !    

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