Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The high bar story

mubashshir's gymnastics from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

I have learnt that gymnasts need to  have heap's of grip so they can keep doing splits and swings. Elena POSEVINA is a high bar champion. She has come first in every high bar competion since 2010.  She is one of  the best competitors. Elena POSEVINA has won two gold medals in the commonwealth games in 2012 & 2010

The technique of how to compete in the high bar is below. I found on the Commonwealth Games website. Have a read to find out how hard it is! 
To compete in the high bar the gymnast begins in a upside down position. With legs and toes joined together and body fully straight and still. The upper body is still  very slightly until the gymnast passes through the horizontal bar.  Your muscles are tight and your elbow is bent . Last step is push your body forwards and bend your body as well. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Running test 1


Indoor rockclimbing

Guess where I went  in the holidays ? I went to indoor rock climbing  it is  near panmure. I went with my family ,we went in a car. Once we got there my dad put safety harnesses on us so we don’t get heart or fall over, he was pulling the harness so hard ouch ouch ooh don’t dad. After a while me and my sister climbed the highest climbing wall ever it was so scary and freaky .

After one hour I fell down  because  I did not have much grip. But when I fell down i had a rope that was attached to my harness clip.
My sister went all the way to the top because she knows how to climb better than me. Some parts of my body broke because  I fell  down so hard even though I had a rope tied to my harness, I broke my leg muscles but lucky there was a big sponge.

After half an hour when my sister came down we took out the harnesses and returned them to the owner. The best part was me trying my best. That was the best rock climbing ever. I just wish i could climb outside. that was the best holiday ever can’t wait till the next holiday’s.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

superhero writing

firekick pet name  H.G.F (Humongous gun flash)

Do you know who is Humongous sword killer is ?

Humongous Sword Killer is a famous superhero, well his real name is Jack (Jack cevan).  He is 22 year’s old. He does one workout a day and has become very strong. He has humongous bomb’s and kills bad people. Did you know that Jack has a pet called Humongous Gun  Flash. He is strong like Jack.

Jack  was walking  to countdown to buy him a drink half way through he saw a ugly man his name was Humpty Dumpty , “he was so ugly that he always could not stop putting traps in his own house”. So what Humpty Dumpty did was tell jack to come in his house, but before Jack came in, he got transformed into Humongous Sword Killer.

After a wild humpty dumpty Just disappeared Jack knew he set traps “ hahahahaha” Jack nearly fell but lucky he was a giant. The tiles were falling so fast  that he could slip off After  when Jack  completed the level he got chain and locked in a big jail gate.

After a wild Humongous Gun Flash broke the door and helped get Humpty Dumpty.  A little wild later Jack and H.G.F couldn't find Humpty Dumpty. After 5.00 min they saw Humpty Dumpty running into the cage  and got stuck.

After an hour  the police came and arrested and was never to be seen again  he might get banned for using traps. Next time Humpty Dumpty will learn his lesson And Jack saved the day .

Personality/ Motivation: Humongous sword killer,Jack cevan,22,  (Lots of different swords and humongous bombs 
and guns)  work at a gun shop 
Jack  was walking  to countdown to bu

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Neutral test 1

What my reading group has been learning is all about Neutral buoyancy we might have a video my partner is zack