Thursday, 29 May 2014

badminton recount story

"Line up at the door!" shouted Mrs Jacobsen "we are going to Badminton."

"WOW!" I said. Every Thursday my maths class and I have been learning all about badminton. We have been going for the last 2 weeks. We learnt 2 different serves like forehand and backhand grips. 
Backhand grip is when your fingers and your thumb are facing you. What is  forehand? Forehand is when your hands are facing away from you like you are shaking  hands but with your racket.

Our coaches Danny and Robby are from Auckland Badminton.   I learnt how to play around the world with rackets in the badminton version. Around the world is when we are in a big line and our coaches hit the shuttle to us one at a time then we have to hit it back to them and run to the back of the line. I learnt to play by listening and following the instructions.

Some of the rules that you have to follow to play badminton are, no playing with the strings on the racket, respect the coaches, no banging rackets on the floor, no breaking shuttles and always have fun.

  Learning about badminton has been the best experience ever. What I expect next time  is we should have badminton for 10 weeks. The part I enjoyed the most is playing badminton and having fun with my classmates. I especially liked having fun with  my  coach he was really cool. I had heaps of fun and can't wait until our next lesson.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Titanic timeline

The Titanic – Timeline Activity

Today for writing we learnt about what happened to  the Titanic by using a Timeline.
Here are some statements that I have found out.

On April 10 1912 the Titanic starts it’s first voyage.

On April 14 at 11:40pm the Titanic hits an iceberg after the lookouts see one straight ahead of the ship.

On April 15 at  12:45am the first lifeboat is lowered. It can fit 65 people but only has 28 in it.

This is my photo of the titanic hitting the iceberg .

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Opoutama beach

This is a photo of Opoutama beach it has blue sky's, a mountain like a crocodile and blue water.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Archimedes theory


This is an experiment to see how much water was displaced. We found out that no matter what shape it is it will still displace the same amount of water because it is still the same weight.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

tropical jet ski rides

Hi and welcome  back to the to tropical jet ski rides.This is one of loss Angeles best rides ever so come down to loss Angeles beach from 7 am till 9 pm night rides included. 2 adult $85 and 14 under just $45 2 kids and two adults is a total of $130 so come down to tropical jet ski rides in loss Angeles Ltd time only.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

skateboard struggle review

You won't guess what I  read in the morning 
I read my book for half and hour it was 
the best book I had. My book's title was skateboard struggle in the story that I 
red was about a family called skateboarders family.In that family nobody loved skating after they got injured but Ivan loved skateboarding with his friends. But Ivan had a secret that he  will never ever  tell any body that he loved skateboarding.

"I  don't know if my family will ever become a skate family" . What I like about it is that it hooks me up and tells people that they were the  best skate family ever. This book even tells me about skate tricks.

Who else is the students and the  skaters that a beginning to ride. The small kids should read this. Why I think you should read this book is because it helps you get better at reading. What you will like about it is that when they get there skateboard  back.

Friday, 9 May 2014

float or sink

Why do some things float while others sink?

What we found out is that  if there is an orange that is no peeled It floats because It has no air or holes while the peeled orange  sinks because of the holes.
Sink or Float ?
s-sink     i- in between      f-float
f or s
rubber ring

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mubashshir The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why?dry wood

7. What observations did they make about putting the lemons on the rafts? Write what happened to each raft when the put lemons on top? the dry raft went higher the green raft went lower

Dry whau raft: the dry raft went higher
Green whau raft:  green raft went lower
Pine raft:  piece  of wood

8. Find a legal image using > Insert > Image > Search and type ‘whau’. Find a suitable image and post to your blog with a few sentences that retell the story.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

waiwera family holiday

Hi what I did in the holidays was I went with my family over to waiwera.What we did was get changed into our  togs. We went on the sunniest  day there could be. Where we went was out of Auckland and it took us about 1 hour and a half just to get to waiwera got bored in the car. Why I went to  waiwera with my family is because we just love traveling to new places as well as different places. How we got to waiwera was by driving in the car and  was  about 55 k/m.

“When we got to waiwera pools we got changed into our togs and hit straight to the outdoor pools we only could be on the outdoor pools till the pools got filled with more than 100 people in the pool the pool is about 30 meters deep and the length of the pool 50 meters wide”.After an hour I told mum and dad  that “mum I'm feeling” cold so we headed towards the  private spa pool to keep us warm. I nearly spewed up by the toilets because of their toilet smell.

”After three or two hours me and my dad decided to  go to the sohana which is the hottest shower ever the heat of the sun my dad keeps on chucking water in the stone so he  could get sweaty as possible”.after an hour and half my mum decided to have a shower  because it was getting cold and dark while me and my dad came out a little bit late from the sohana. Did you that they even have the 
best accommodation ever that  I have been to!.

After a wild my family started packing up to home at at night on our way out my dad got us a cup of hot chocalate and latae it was the best experiance travel in the hole of New Zealand  it was cool i’m hoping for higher slides .On the way I got hungry but I never asked for food.