Friday, 19 February 2016

What good brother looks

What good brother looks like. Is when A brother is being kind to his younger brothers and respecting their culture and family, not just that but more stuff like.
  • Helping them with their work if they are really stuck.
  • Playing with them if they have no one to play with.
  • Saying sorry after u said something bad.
  • Being kind and sharing food if they have none.
  • Reminding them if they forget something.
  • And Treating them like he is part of the family.

What good brother sounds like is when he has to talk that is when he talk.
Also stuff like.

  • Saying positive words not negative words.
  • Talking when you need to.
  • saying nice things.
  • controlling your mouth against others.
  • Talking kindly to others.
  • And Have respect in talking

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