Monday, 15 February 2016

The Twin Survivors

Once Upon a time there were two twin brothers called Matt and Max They looked pretty similar, I mean they wear the same clothes. They lived in Oklahoma city they loved kayaking and canoeing on hot and sunny days. They went to Oklahoma High school Their father was a fisherman in his time now he lives in a retirement village. The twins also love watching NFL And playing soccer in the spare time.
One day The twins Matt and Max Went to Oklahoma Beach and Matt Said “ Why don’t we go for a kayak after all it is a hot day” so they went kayaking. As they Came deeper to the canoes Matt suddenly fainted into the water and a small shark bit him. Max did not  know what to do. So Max just jumped in the water and saved his brother from dying. when he brang him back up to the boat it took matt a little wild to wake up,Max Gave him some water to drink and a towel to dry off then they Carried on to the other canoes and that's what brothers do !
The End !

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