Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why do we use a knife and fork to eat? Explanation Writing: Week 7 - Term 1

Healthy hygiene food manual (tips)

Did you know that why we eat with forks and knifes? why we  use  forks and knifes
is because it feels comfortable and healthy. Also did you know that if you  go to someones house as a  visitor when it’s  dinner time  people  that make the food and  you don’t use forks and knifes they will be so embarrassed because of you.                                                                     

why we use forks and knifes is that you want hygiene food not bacterial food.Did you know that you can spread germs to everyone. for an example if you are trying to make  a egg for breakfast and after you have finished eating you have to do some work on your laptop all the oil goes into the keypad and gets dirty someone else uses your laptop  they spread the germs to someone else and the germs will carry  on till  everyone's sick.


Have you ever Noticed   what   bite-size pieces are for? They are for little teeth that can’t bite  big- size  pieces and they are pieces that they fit in your mouth and are to bite . if you  don’t cut it with your knife and fork you can get hazards of choking that is why we  have to cut it with fork and knives  to make bite- size pieces for little mouth for little kids if they can’t bite big-size pieces (incase). Also we can stay safe with bite size pieces for the rest of your life  and the life after.


If  you go to someones house  and they called you for a barbeque  and it is already dinner time  
and you start munching like monkeys they will be so embarrassed. that is why you have to eat with  fork and knives .Also it is all part of your health.
hope you enjoyed my tips.And also keep on eating with  your fork and knife it’s all part of The plan.

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