Friday, 24 February 2017

Water Worries

D.O.L : Hello bloggers today I have done a presentation about water worries. Looking after our earth and not wasting water. While we have a limited supply of water others around the world are suffering. So looking after our planet and our waterways is really important. Enjoy.
Letter to council : 
Hello Council I think you guys should give some water to the poor and lower the limits of water we get because 50% of it gets wasted, Nobody can afford so much water. Water is a huge part earth everything on earth.
As I said Water is a huge part earth everything on earth. Plants, trees, animals, infact the whole world is need of water. DOC Department of conservation has said so much water are in need for animals who are really in need.
Poor people around the world like Africa, Palestine, Yemen and Vanuatu. People are really in need of water people waste about 3.5 litres a month. Take a stand for the the poor for the limited amount of water. Almost 1.5 billion people drink dirty water.
Respect water and share it


  1. Hello Mubashshir, My name is Gary and I am a Year 8 student currently attending Tamaki Primary. I like the way you answered the questions because you never know, someone might not know where you can get water from. So it's very good you answered them, something you should work on next time is writing you answers in paragraph form. Besides that keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Kia Ora Mubashsir, my name is Xavier and I am a Year 6 student at Saint Patrick's School. I like the way that you have explained how we can look after the earth by saving water. I also think that the Council should give some water to the poor. What do you think you can do to convince the Council to give money to the poor?


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