Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly term 2

We had A fun school holiday now it is time to get back to School. But before we get back to school we need a new topic. Incase you did not no every school has a different topic each term.On Monday was the first day of term 2. We had an Immersion Assembly in the school hall and the topic was “as i see it”. Immersion means a gathering of something new. There are 5 teams each team has Different events that represent about what they are learning.

Team one’s Item was  Favourite things
Starting with One have them:
Miss George : Whittaker's hokey pokey chocolate
Miss Wild : pets
Miss lal : Soccer
Miss peck : Bracelet
Miss Dewyers : Books
And Team 1 is learning about Favourite things.

Team two’s item was about seasons They said They will be learning all about seasons. From Summer to spring.
They are really interested on how snowflakes come and other Interesting stuff.

Moving into Team three’s item was all about Grand designs and Architecture. They will be learning how to create Different things  using Different materials. They are also learning how to use a blue print. And how to work as a team.

Team four’s item was about comics and superhero comics. They had showed us a little video about them in a comic movie with a stunning voiceover. They said that team 3 will be learning how to make comics and that we are free to make comics any time.

The last team was team 5. There item was about the battle of waka’s the team were Hine moana : Blue , Hokulea : Green , Te Aurere : Red , Hikianalia : Yellow. They had a little race for entertainment. Team 5 will be learning the battle of wakas and how wakas are made.


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  1. Hi Mubashshir, the immersion assembly was great wasn't it. Which Team's item was your favourite?


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