Thursday, 20 February 2014

The life cycle of a monach butterflies

This is about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.  The life cycle starts as a tiny egg changes through different stages, turns inside out and becomes a butterfly.


The life cycle starts as a female butterfly  attaching  the egg near to a milk weed plant. She lay it there so when it turns into a caterpillar it has something to eat. The egg is tiny and oval

 Amazing caterpillar

As the caterpillar comes out of it’s oval egg it starts to eat lots  and lots until it sheds off his skin.

The pupa

The caterpillar turns inside out and begins to get the impotent parts of the body like the thongs, and wings and more parts of the body.This means it’s a Transformation  blend.What I mean by Transformation blend is it has it’s own life cycle .

The  male butterfly Has two Little circles that has perfume inside so if the female smells the perfume The lady will marry him  and they will keep the life cycle on and on.Hope you enjoyed.

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