Friday, 16 December 2016

United Arab Emirates ( Summer learning journey ) #3

United Arab Emirates

The plan 

My journey to Abu Dhabi is about to begin. Iv booked my flight with Air New Zealand. But before we star we have three main safety points and they are, Electronic devices must be switched off unless using otherwise switch on flight mode. Smoking is prohibited in airlines and you are not allowed to smoke. store any loose items on top or underneath the seat in front.
Bonus : My cost back from Abu Dhabi is 7219 AED, NZ dollar will be $2,797 . 46 NZ.


  1. Hi Mubashshir,

    Great to see you taking out activity 1 and part of the bonus activity. I might suggest that you read the questions a little more carefully, as some are missing (like activity 2 and most of the bonus question). Unless you did that on purpose, in which case never mind, just let me know!

    It might help if you label the activities more clearly before you start each one, or even copy and paste the questions in.

    I hope you're enjoying your holidays! Keep up the great work!


  2. Hello Mubashshir
    Those three rules are very important if you go on a plane. Keep up the great work Mubashshir!


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