Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

If I had a million Dollars at the mall it will be so awesome i could just grab anything i want to buy it without having to look at price tags, it will be a dream come true. I will buy a audi R8 and own a soccer field, buy  myself a mansion with my butler who will serve me. Million Dollars will be fun i because can travel anywhere you like.

If I had a million dollars and i had gone to toyworld i would get two nerf guns a mgp, a remote control helicopter with a waterproof camera that records what is happening in the air. A skateboard i will even buy a army force plane that is remote controlled. I will buy every single remote control cars, plane and helicopters for myself. I will just show off with my toys.

If i had a million Dollars and i had gone to foot locker i would probably buy the latest nike shoes. 10 vans, 8 converse, 15 nikes, 3 pumas, 5 adidas shoes and  3 of  the latest DC shoes. Also for my football gear i will buy 6 nike mercurial superfly boots, 3 nike tiempo legend and 4 nike hypervenom boots all just for me.

Rebel sport
If i had a million Dollars and I had to buy sports gear for my next football season I would go to the nike shop in botany and say i need “ 2 nike hypervenoms , 2 nike livenbro air breathable shin guards, a captain's armband and a adidas 2014 official brazuca ball and I will be jam packed enough ready for my game.

Image result for captain's armbandConclusion
Image result for soccer shinguardsIt could have been really really fun having a million dollars but however I had just been selfish and kept everything to myself I was not financially responsible. But if I did have A million dollars i will spend it on house bills, grocery, i will buy my mum and dad a new car, give them a new house and some money. And if if have got left over money I will give the rest of  the money to charity for clothes and food. It’s not like i’m going to buy 20 football boots 15 liven bro shin-guard and 3 captain armbands and buy ten vans that will be selfish! now that’s what you call financially responsible. 

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