Monday, 13 June 2016

Caring Brothers

Once Upon a time there were two brothers called Jacob and MATT, Jacob was 18 and Matt is 19 .They lived in L.a. They loved playing Basketball and Swimming on hot and sunny days. They went to La High school for quite a while. Their father was a Dairy owner in his time now he moved to another country due to family issues. The Brothers also love watching NFL And playing soccer in the spare time.
One day The Brothers Matt and Jacob Went to Oklahoma city to play B Ball and Matt Said “ Why don’t we go for a game of basketball after all it is an alright day” so they went to play Basketball. As they kept playing basketball with there friends Matt suddenly collapsed and said “ needs water”. Jacob did not  know what to do. So Jacob just brings water from the dairy opposite the basketball court and gave him a whole bottle of water. He likely saved his brother from dying.
When he brang him back to life it took matt a little wild to re inforce back to life,  he drank more water before playing  and a towel to dry off his sweat then they Carried on playing B ball for the rest of  the day and that's what show a caring brother !
                                     The END ! :)

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