Thursday, 22 September 2016

The biker


As I zoom over the rocky terrain in the sahara desert, in the air with cold breeze passing by. I could see the finish but it was a long way from where I was. The rainy cloud was approaching towards me and  I was getting scared. All the other bikers were way at the back. Suddenly I heard a thunder storm, I quickly raced to the finish but could not get there the motor was out of  fuel and was on fire because of the lightning. I quickly got out of my bike and took cover the other bikers had no chance of surviving. I could not do anything about it my bike was like a Burnt,toasted Bagel from the dump.  I could not do anything but walk to the finish line it was only 2 km.When I got there no one was cheering I think I won. I waited a while for other players but somehow nobody showed up. I think  the tornado had washed them out HAHAHA. I could only hear cold breezes and dusty sands so i packed and went home in case of a anxiety attack.

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