Tuesday, 13 December 2016

This year Documentary

                      This year Documentary

This year has been Indescribable , It is almost coming to an end. This year has been. I the can’t imagine how much fun activities and shows we have been involved in.

I have learnt a lot this year and one of my faviroute subjects this year was maths because I learnt a lot of decimals and ratios. One thing I could have improved on was my literacy work.

Well we still do have another year left and that is to redeem myself. I am trying my hardest to become one of seven prefects of the school in 2017. I'm becoming a young adult now and the year 8’s have really showed me how to lead by example.

My thoughts for next year is to prepare myself for year 9 as a leader. I am keen to learn about different sciences and improve my knowledge about various biographies of athletes and leaders. I hope to develop this learning throughout my school years. I am really passionate about attending Auckland boys Grammar. And I would also like to become a physiotherapist after my soccer representative opportunities. Being committed and punctual is also important to me. Waking up on time for school and attending everyday is really important. I want to finish my homework on time. And not getting in trouble.

Some of my best highlights were Hiwi the Kiwi, Tech, Youthtown and kiwisport sports Te reo and  LEARNING. We are really lucky !! It was amazing to see different shows and different types of people and there cultures. I wish I could learn more about different cultures.

Sports was one of the things this year that I really took part in. I took part in Soccer Cricket and more. My faviroute sport to play was soccer WOOW.  It’s my dream to become the best soccer player and sports player in Pt England Cricket was fun as well. But that's sport done Get Outta here.

Relationships with friends were average but most of all was helping others when they need help and that is what good friends do. I have most of the friends I need like helpful people nice people and funny people. My Funniest Moment was in 2015 when Omari could not score hoops and would always miss I would give him a piggy bank and pretend he is Michael Jordan!.

The teachers have spent a lot of time with us and would really like to thank them for all the fun work and all the funny moments we have had this year and I can’t wait for another year to come by. And it is going to be the best. I am Lucky to be who I and where I come from. It is a dream come true to be in such a good and healthy environment. Thank you Teachers and support staff for all your cooperation. Much love.

Also teachers can you vote for me as one of the prefect pls. Thanks.

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