Friday, 26 June 2015

MUBA'S amazing Mario writing

WALT: write effective paragraphs.
Super Mario World - Writing

Intro:  “Mario is a old 1985 arcade game that was the most populous of all times they also made different versions of it”. “Some of the mario versions are super Mario world, “Mario is so famous Nintendo and game boy club have even brought it to their own gaming world”. check out Mario gaming it is a fun game to play”.

Aim:  The Aim of  the game is to survive all the levels, and dodge the evil Mushroom monsters. Every time you touch a little square mystery box a white red-dotted mushroom will fall down, and every time you collect the mushroom your Mario will double in size. Sometimes if you see a yellow happy star, collect it and it because it is required to complete the level. If you touch the  Mushroom monster you will die, and you will have to repeat the same level over and over again till you get it.

Mario:  Mario is a little guy in different Mario game versions, he has a red hat with a extra white dot and a M on his hat. He also wears a blue all in one overall, he has Blue glimmering eyes And A big black must ache but he is quite short. He is from Italy. Mario is the little guy who goes on a  adventure to fight evil Mushroom monsters on each level.  

Controls:  How you play super Mario world.  Arrows :  right arrow is to move forward, top arrow is to jump up. Also P is for pause, M is for mute, Ctrl q is to quit the game. To kill the Evil Mushroom Monsters, is when they come towards you you  just click the top arrow and jump on top of them. Advice: Kill the Enemies by jumping on them so it is easier to get the mushrooms from the mystery box .

Conclusion:  I think super Mario world is for everyone to play anywhere any time.”I recommend this game for everyone to play at home”. For the first half and hour you will be
so addicted to it you will want to play everyday, it is a cool game and it is very interactive go online and check it out the cool game.                           
Today we learnt how to write a effective paragraph with in 3 minutes. To write a effective paragraph you need to have punctuation checked, 3 to 4 sentences in each paragraph and also check cap lock.

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  1. I enjoyed reading you story because it had lots of detail. did you know that mario had over 500 games. i look forward to your next post.
    From Sis


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