Friday, 17 March 2017

My Time at Polyfest

Do you know what Polyfest is ? Well Polyfest is a festival or a event based on Polynesian and pacifican people. There was also the Diversity stage that had different cultures from other country's. It was a open invitation for all ages and all cultures. It was a amazing time.

The different stages there was are Polynesian stage, Pacifican stage,  Diversity stage and a whole lot more. There were also different station to learn about different stuff for the future. 
Some of them are AUT ( Auckland University of technology ), Flava FM, Fire Service, Police station, ASB Auckland savings bank. There was also Food stalls and a whole lot more. My Most helpful and favorite station was The fire Service one because It had showed us a demo and had told us what to do if a fire had Approached.

My Favorite Part of the day was everything due to the fact that we got to learn and have a great day. But my most Favorite part of the day was to learn about different types of stuff to help me for the future. 

The real reason why we went to Polyfest was to learn about the myths and legends.  One thing I learnt was you can make your dream a realty if you give it your best anything is possible. Like the people at AUT who have made a big difference in the world. 

So There you have it What this amazing event is about go and check it out. It is really awesome. The link to the website Click Here.

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