Monday, 4 September 2017

The Last Fun Run

Image result for fun runThat was a long run. If you guys have not already noticed last week on Friday we had a fun run or in other words it is called the cross country. last week was a lot of fun. For the fun run we had to prepare within the 6 weeks and it was a lot of hard work. We team 5 had to run 3 km, and after that I was really tired which means I really should trained for it. Although we had to sit and wait for a long time it was worth. Fun run is annual thing that happens in our school. We had to also raise money for school equipment. and the amount of money we raised led us to getting a prize from the booklet. This was my last fun run for the school and i Should have done better. Oh well !. Have you ever done a fun run, if not you should give it a go.

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