Thursday, 4 August 2016

WATER POLLUTION Explanation writing

           WATER POLLUTION    

OMG ! Water pollution is getting bad around the globe especially when the Olympics are coming up.  Water pollution is spreading throughout the globe and sea creatures are dying, living in a dirty environment.

What is water pollution :
Waters pollution is a type contamination ( unwanted ) of water bodies which pollutes the water and  makes the water dirty.  The dirty water is formed in different ways and some of them are littering rubbish in the river and the beach, From industrial factories which provide pollution smoke and which causes the water to get polluted. The main reason why the river is polluted is because the farmers are spreading a type a chemical which leaks into the river and ocean.  

How we can stop Water pollution  :
How we can stop water pollution is by not littering or chucking rubbish in the waterways and getting it dirty. The second way you can keep waterways clean is by not pouring any fat or any type of oil because it can harm multiple sea creatures and is not good for the environment. If you are a scientist and really want to test water pollution. Here is a fact " Water pollution is detected in laboratories, where small samples of water are analysed for different reasons. Water is really precious to us and it really precious to our body.

Pollution in Rio Olympics :
Finding dead sea creatures and dead bodies is unusual to find in polluted waterways. Animals and humans are dying once A week in Rio de Janeiro. Sewage and rubbish are floating across the ocean. The ocean is putting worry in the brazilian local people. The community and council  has only lowered the amount of the rubbish population for Rio. We need to stand up.

Conclusion :
If you want to get together and have a community meeting.
1. Organise a community meeting and clean up the ocean as a group.
2. make a treaty between everybody.
and you will be a hero of the ocean. Remember the ocean needs us, And so does what lives inside of it.
                                                 THE END
Discription of learning :
Hello bloggers today I had wrote a Explanation writing about water pollution. The first topic is about what is Water pollution, And the second topic was about how we can save water pollution. Enjoy and if you did please comment below if you agree.

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