Friday, 26 August 2016

HIWI the kiwi

YAY Hiwi the kiwi has arrived at our school. If you did not already know Hiwi the Kiwi is a kids show and goes around New Zealand Visiting Nz schools, And it was a previllage to have them. They had taught us a lot of stuff but 2 of the most important thing i had learnt 
was to pick the right fish not to big and not to small. Also because if you ever do catch a mother fish you might hurt the babies inside and if it is to small you cant take it cause it is Illegal. The second thing I took away from the show was to always take a cold wet cloth to clean there skin without the scales coming out, also to take a bucket of salty ice water in a bucket to keep it cool and fresh. I sertanly learnt a lot and had a lot of fun with them and so would you.
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