Friday, 12 August 2016

The wind Explanation Writing.

“ Cycling towards the finish line, 5 kilometers to go who will win the championship race for cycling” says the Commentator. “AUSSIE’S are in the lead what !! Heading closer to the finish line and Australia comes first somehow, And then just by a meteor comes NZ so close”. Aussies are so happy and relieved and the Nz are in shame in front of 5,000.“ What a race that was” ! There bodys must be so weak from all the effort they put in cycling And the muscles must be so weak that they `can’t move.

Info - Paragraph one

What is Aerodynamics ? Aerodynamics is the study of how gases try to interact and make contact with moving bodies and transports. Aerodynamics play a very important role. Because without aerodynamics NO types of transports will be able to move or in other words interact with the wind, Especially racing like f1s and bike racing. Cyclists often form a v shape to shelter there self from Aerodynamics. It is good to race close to each other so air won’t distract you that much. Riding 10 centimeters away from the cyclist's bike tyre will give you enough time to respond to the crash if it happens.  

Info - Paragraph two

How we test for aerodynamics ? We test Aerodynamics by A wind tunnel that has a Huge fan inside of the tunnel. A wind tunnel that consists ( Forms a line of cars ). The air in the tunnel is made to move past an object by powerful fan system. The fan system blows wind on the object to see if it can hold. The maximum of a crosswind is 10x powerful than normal wind. The wind is tested in different places of the object and it tells the tester how the cyclist will perform. Did you know A wind tunnel can Generate 200 kilometers per hour have wind that is so much that cyclist can’t ride.


Aerodynamics is amazing of what it can do. Also How amazing and powerful wind can be. It is really important to know about Aerodynamics and wind.
Discription of learning :
Today I had Wrriten A Explanation Writing about The Wind. In my Story I wrote abiut How wind Affect Transports and your Body. Enjoy

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